2019 Grand Opening:

Beyond the Spectrum Behavior Therapy Clinic

Beyond the Spectrum is excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of our BEHAVIOR THERAPY CLINIC!

Our mission at Beyond the Spectrum is to serve the children and families in our community affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and related diagnosis.

Opening a Behavior Therapy Clinic aids us in continuing and growing our mission by expanding our services for the families of our community experiencing Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many insurance companies including Medicaid are covering a proven therapeutic approach called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is a scientifically-based behavioral therapeutic approach that has proven success in helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related diagnosis. At Beyond the Spectrum, we have certified and trained staff utilizing ABA on a daily basis in our school program already, making this a natural addition to our services offered.

At Beyond the Spectrum, the love and care of each child has always come first. We believe each child should receive a unique plan to address their specific needs and their family's goals. Combining this belief with the proven therapeutic approach of ABA is our goal. We hope this service enhances our ultimate goal, to see each child GO BEYOND!

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis is the study of behavior and how it changes in various environments. The goal of ABA Therapy is to produce and promote improvement in human behavior.

ABA methods address any behavior that is socially significant, including:

  • functional life skills

  • communication skills

  • social skills


ABA methods also help:

  • teach new skills and information

  • maintain behaviors

  • generalize or transfer behavior from one situation or response to another

  • reduce interfering behaviors

This is only a brief overview of what ABA is, you can learn more about it here!

Who is eligible for our services?

How can I sign my child up for services?

Within the first year of opening our clinic, we will be providing ABA Therapy services for 8 of our current students. We will be adding 8 additional clients from outside of our school for each of the following years. *This means space will be limited!

We currently accept the following insurance:

  • Aetna

  • Medicaid

Where will ABA Therapy sessions take place?

Within the first year of opening our clinic, we will be providing ABA Therapy services at the school campus only. We plan on expanding to include in-home services as our clinic and staff grows.

To submit your interest in receiving ABA services, please complete the Pre-Enrollment Information Form and forward to us via mail, email, or fax and we will be in contact with you.

Please download our form here.


Our email is ABAclinic@beyondthespectrum.org

Any additional questions?

Reach out to us through email at ABAclinic@beyondthespectrum.org with the title "ABA Therapy Clinic Questions."

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