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Helping Individuals through Vocation & Enrichment - H.I.V.E.

About the Program​
A new initiative developed by Beyond the Spectrum, the H.I.V.E. serves young adults 18 and over with intellectual and developmental disabilities by teaching them important self-care and employment skills. This group takes weekly community outings to local businesses for job training and recreation with their Vocational Coordinators!
H.I.V.E. You Heard About our Plans? 
Starting out small to better track the progress of our program, we plan to expand into a separate location to serve more adults and to implement our two varying H.I.V.E. divisions. Since our current group focuses on life and employment skills, our expansion will include a meaningful and recreational day program for adults without the demands of job training. This is so we can more effectively meet the varying needs of this exceptional community! Through vocational outings and individualized instruction, our goal is to showcase the awesome abilities of our participants while providing them with a safe and inclusive environment to thrive in.  

Interested in Helping our H.I.V.E. Thrive?

Our adults love be out and about in the community, whether they are helping out at local organizations or experiencing the exciting activities available in the area! If you would like to partner with our H.I.V.E. participants or learn more about their amazing abilities, please contact our Lead Vocational Coordinator, Ms. Anna, at We'd be happy to "H.I.V.E." your partnership!

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