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The Early Learning Center

About the Program​
Our Early Learning Center is for our younger children, ages 4-11, affected by autism, ADHD, and other related diagnoses. This program focuses on the development of basic social skills and the regulation of behaviors. We like to say that ELC is where our students "learn how to learn!"  Hands-on sensory activities are frequently implemented in the classroom along with core academics to ensure that students are as engaged and connected as possible. Additionally, each child benefits from an Inclusion Program for typical peer interaction.
A New Way of Learning
For the 2023-2024 school year, ELC and Mariposa will be implementing the Autism Helper curriculum! This program introduces general concepts in various levels and breaks them down into manageable, visual-based lessons that become more  advanced throughout the year. Concepts are taught using the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, and teachers will use pre- and post-assessment data to measure progress.


We look forward to seeing some exceptional growth with this program!

Beyond the Classroom

 Along with a new curriculum, the ELC program will be participating in zone-based teaching this year. This means that students will rotate to different subjects and teachers throughout the day to practice transitions and social skills! We look forward to seeing how our students grow through this practice.

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