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The Peabody Academy

Peabody Field Trip
Peabody Cooking
About the Program​
The Peabody Academy is our academic program designed utilizing the Florida ACCESS Standards for students diagnosed with Asperger’s, High Functioning Autism, Emotional Handicap, ADD, ADHD, and Anxiety Disorders. This program aims to provide excellent individualized educational programs with focuses on social skill development and emotional wellness. The educational approach uses team-building exercises, hands-on educational programs, and a computer-based curriculum. Additionally, behavioral therapeutic approaches to social skills and emotional development are implemented throughout the school day.
Peabody High School

Did you know? Peabody students are able to graduate from our high school with a fully accredited diploma through the Association of Independent Schools of Florida! Following the Florida Department of Education's Access Standards, the high school utilizes the 24-credit curriculum listed below:

  • 4 English/Language Arts Credits

  • 4 Mathematics Credits (including Algebra and Geometry)

  • 3 Science Credits (including Biology 1)

  • 3 Social Studies Credits (including US History)

  • 1 Fine Arts Credit

  • 1 Physical Education Credit

  • 8 Elective Credits

Peabody Graduation.jpg
Middle School and Early Learners

The Peabody Academy is also home to an academic and vocational middle school program! Students take Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies courses along with participation in activities such as cooking, art, yoga, physical education, and ballroom dance with our awesome partners at Dynasty Dance Clubs and Face Autism, Inc.!

Our Early Learners class is geared toward younger students who will transition into the Peabody middle school and high school programs as they get older. This class focuses on the fundamentals of learning, social skills, and core academics!

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