School Enrollment

**Important Note for Potential Families**

Currently, all three of our programs are at full capacity until further notice. As we continue to accept information for new potential students, please be aware that we may not have availability in classrooms until the 2022-2023 school year. We will keep you informed of any changes in the meantime, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation and your interest in our school!

Thank you for your interest in Beyond The Spectrum! 

 Please complete our initial intake packet if you are interested in your child participating in one of our educational programs. Include a current IEP if available, along with any scholarship and matrix score information.


Beyond the Spectrum Education Center currently accepts the John McKay Scholarship and the Family Empowerment Scholarship.

Once your packet has been completely filled out, please scan it to or fax to (941)-527-0526. Once received, our program directors will look over the intake packet to determine if there is an available area best-suited for your child. If we have an open placement at that time, we will contact you to set up a tour/assessment. If we do not have an open placement, we will reach out via email to see if you wish to be placed on our waitlist for future placement options. Due to COVID-19, we are not conducting any tours unless we have an immediate placement option for your child. Our phone number is (941)-907-3443, and our office hours are 8am-4pm Monday-Friday. 

ABA Clinic Enrollment

Please attach a copy of your insurance card and your diagnosis report. (Report must be from a developmental pediatrician, neurologist, or Ph.D. psychologist and must include tests conducted to arrive at diagnosis.) Please also provide a copy of your pre-existing behavior plan if available. Thank you!