School Programs

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Early Learning Center

Our Early Learning Center is for our younger kiddos with special needs like autism, ADHD, and other related diagnoses. This program focuses on the development of basic social skills and regulation of behaviors. Students will learn about fundamentals like spelling, money, telling time, and math to name just a few! Additionally, each child benefits an Inclusion Program for typical peer interaction.

The Mariposa Program

The Mariposa Program is an Intensive Behavioral Intervention program designed for our older students diagnosed with autism and related disabilities. This program utilizes the most effective practices with a data-driven program to establish each child’s unique goals and appropriately track each child’s progress. Multiple methods are used to assist each child with communication, behavioral, and independent life skills development including Applied Behavior Analysis (Discrete Trial and Verbal Behavior), Floortime, Cognitive Therapy, and Sensory Based Interventions. Students do lots of cooking, community outings, and team building with other classes!

The Peabody Academy

The Peabody Academy is an academic program designed utilizing the Florida ACCESS Standards approved by the FLDOE for students diagnosed with Asperger’s, High Functioning Autism, Emotional Handicap, ADD, ADHD, and Anxiety Disorders. The goal of this program is to provide excellent individualized educational programs with focuses on social skill development and emotional wellness. The educational approach uses team-building exercises, hands-on educational programs, and a computer-based curriculum. Additionally, behavioral therapeutic approaches to social skill and emotional development are implemented throughout the school day. Our students graduate with their diploma through our accredited High School program!

The Peabody Academy, Mariposa Program, and Early Learning Center service children in PK – 12th grade.

Beforecare & Aftercare Program

Our Beforecare program runs from 7:30 am - 8:30 am and our aftercare program runs from 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm. They are offered Monday through Friday during scheduled school days. Please fill out the form below to schedule your child for aftercare. For any questions you may have, feel free to contact our front office!

*** Aftercare is not available during half-days. Thank you!***